9 Air Purifier Benefits That You Didn’t Know

Air Purifier BenefitsPerhaps, as a homeowner, you do worry about the quality of air in your home. If you’ve heard of air purifiers and are wondering if they are the solution to your problem, perhaps you are right. There are many air purifier benefits. These electronic gadgets are created to purify the indoor air and make it safe for breathing. The air is cleaned by trapping harmful particles present in the air into filters. Breathing this distilled air enhances good health.

Benefits of using air purifiers: These devices bring a lot of air purifier benefits to users, but here are the top nine that will improve your health:

  1. Eliminates contaminants from the air: By getting rid of contaminants or particle pollutants in the air, indoor air becomes breathable, especially if you have seniors and children living with you. These particles are small enough to remain in the indoor air for protracted periods, where they can be easily inhaled.

These particles, because of their small size, can reach the deepest parts of the lungs where they can stay for long periods, giving rise to acute or chronic problems such as asthma, chronic cough, difficult breathing, irritation in the eyes nose and throat, acute bronchitis, reduced lung function, lung cancer and shortness of breath. This is among the top air purifier benefits to users.

Allergy patients might experience allergens in the form of dust mite faeces, pollen, cat and dog dander and mold. By installing an air purifier, anyone suffering from the above problems will find immense relief.

  1. Influences your emotional and mental well-being: According to research, air quality has a positive impact on your emotional and psychological well-being and can bring about a slew of air purifier health benefits. Poor air quality can make people feel depressed and negative about life. But when one begins to breathe clean air, the body begins to feel healthy and this has a positive impact on the mind. This in turn impacts your general outlook in life. You enjoy life better.
  2. Removes mold and dust mites from your home: If, unknown to you, your home has become a haven for dust mites and mold, now using an air purifier, you can get rid of them and breathe a cleaner air. Besides, any other allergies like these may also be eliminated once you start using an air purifier.
  3. Fights VOCs: Household products like varnish, paint, glue, cleaning supplies, etc contain some volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, formaldehyde and ethylene. These chemical compounds can prove harmful to your health. For example, exposure to VOCs can cause irritation in the throat, eyes, airways and nose and can cause chronic damage to the nervous system. Once you install an air purifier, you can get rid of this harsh exposure to chemicals.
  4. Don’t store pesticides in the house: The sole purpose of buying pesticides is to kill pests, so it would be harmful for you to inhale them continuously by keeping them at home. They release a range of toxic chemicals into the air and therefore are best kept in the yard, rather than in your home. Pesticides irritate the eyes, throat and nose and can severely damage the kidneys and the central nervous system. They also increase the risk of cancer.

You can reduce the placing of pesticides at home and avoid using it entirely. If you must use them, follow the instructions on the label scrupulously and ensure that you keep the surrounding area well-ventilated after use. Buy only as much as you need, so not much more lies around after use, giving off fumes. Store pesticides in the yard, far away from the house, and where possible, take the services of a pest control company.

  1. Reduce passive smoking: Passive cigarette smoke inhalation has been scientifically proven to cause lung cancer in non-smokers. As a result, it is important to have an adequate air cleaning system to eliminate lingering smoke. There is nothing worse than stale cigarette smoke clinging to the walls and furnishings throughout the home for the family members who are non-smokers.

It works this way: An air purifier helps remove smoke odours and can capture the chemical components contained in tobacco too. Air purifiers can remove cigarette smoke by using a HEPA filter and by using activated carbon.

The size of cigarette smoke ranges from 4 to 0.01 microns. This is small enough to be captured by the HEPA filter’s fibres. Once it is exhaled, cigarette smoke thins down and its particles reduce in size, making it difficult to trap. But an air purifier can trap the smoke and chemicals in cigarette smoke while the person is smoking.

Using activated carbon is the other way of capturing cigarette smoke. When chemicals, gases and odours pass through activated carbon, they are immediately absorbed into its When chemicals, odors, and gases pass through the activated carbon, they become adsorbed into and penetrate its porous surface.

  1. Brings relief to allergy and asthma sufferers: People who live near motorways or highly polluted areas are very likely to inhale polluted air. This pollution can have an adverse effect on their lungs. Air purifiers contribute to a better environment by getting rid of pollution, bacteria, harmful particles, viruses and airborne pests so that the largest number of people can benefit from them.
  2. To make newborns breathe normally: Once there’s a newborn in the family, people install an air purifier so that breathing is easy, or if the baby has very sensitive lungs and a weak immune system, it can breathe easily. To be able to breathe clean and fresh air is extremely important for an infant’s development, so it is advisable to install it in a child’s room or play area.
  3. Absorbs pet dander: If one is allergic to pet dander, making them sneeze or breathe with great difficulty or cause a burning sensation in the eyes, combating these situations is very important. Air purifiers help get rid of these allergens and remove all the malodours that pets leave in our homes.


Indoor air pollution is an environmental health risk that we can all fight against. The easiest way of remedying this situation is to install an air purifier and eliminate all sources of such pollutants. This will leave a clear and clean and breathable air for everyone.

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