To breathe in a lungful of fresh and clean air is something of a rarity these days, if not impossible. Put it down to pollution and all kinds of modern life that prevent us from enjoying unpolluted air. But though we can explain this away, does it mean we accept it rather than fight it?

Ever since I became a parent a few years ago, I’ve become more careful of ushering in good and healthy practices in our daily lives, often kicking out old habits that I thought nothing of. With children to think of, life does change. And I suppose so it is with all parents all over the globe where pollution is seen more on the roads than healthy habits. At, it is our endeavor to ease out unhealthy practices that lead to serious diseases like asthma and COPD. Surely there are ways of ensuring that you breathe, eat and drink healthy, whether you’re at home or outdoors?

Bringing to life means presenting the world with solutions that make your lives healthier, whether by making the air you breathe healthy or the quality of water you drink reliable. Or, even the food you cook by healthy means. Everything that you do can now be done with a health slant to it to ensure you and your family stay well and live well and long. This is the bottom line of our enterprise,

Perhaps you feel that you know best what works in your home, rather than outsiders like us. Sure, but perhaps we are just a little better informed about this aspect of your home, and offer you solutions (all free, of course!!) that help you live a better life, rather than be stressful and unwell when you should be enjoying life.

At, we don’t mean to impose our wealth of knowledge on our unwitting visitors, but we hope to share all that we know to those who want to make a difference in their own lives. Of course, you’re sure to be one among them.

Some of the aspects we aim to cover here include:

  • Reviews of new health-related products. We will give you an unbiased review along with the pros and cons of each product so that you can choose to go with it or not.
  • Informative guides on choosing the product best suited to your home
  • How-to articles on tweaks you can make at home to better your health
  • Tips and fun ideas on different aspects of health-related products that you can easily use at home

You’ve already come this far with us, reading all that we’ve presented. To know more, click our various sections and see how you can make a difference to your family’s lives and well-being.