Best Cool Mist Humidifier For Baby – Top 7 Reviewed

best cool mist humidifiers for babyBabies have very sensitive skin and respiratory system. During cold months, when heaters are turned on and indoor air humidity drops to lower than 10 percent, babies are particularly at risk. The bad air quality can lead to irritations of the skin, lungs and nose. It can affect the quality of rest and night-time sleep.

Why do you need a cool mist humidifier in your baby’s room?

A lot of parents deal with babies who cry incessantly at night don’t realize that they’re babies are actually suffering the effects of a dry, dirty room air. Most often, these babies have difficulty breathing because of clogged airways or lung irritation.

The best cool mist humidifier for baby helps keep breathing easier by loosening mucus clogging in the throat, chest, and nose. The cool air also helps keep your baby’s skin moist preventing drying and irritation.

Unlike warm mist units, a lot of parents and pediatricians consider cool mist units as the best humidifier for baby because they lack heating element. The vapor that cool mist humidifier emits limits the risk of accidental scalding. You can place the cool mist humidifier around your baby’s room without worrying about possible burns or scalding. Always remember that babies have fragile skin and any exposure to heat can lead to burns.

Here’s a quick comparison of top 7 cool mist baby humidifiers:

ProductCapacityArea CoveredOperationCheck Price
Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier1.3LGreat for small baby bedroomWhisper quiet operationCheck Price
Air Innovations 1.37 Gal. Cool Mist Digital Humidifier1.37 gallonUp to 400 sq ftQuiet operationCheck Price
ASOM Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier2.8LMedium sized to large sized roomsWhisper quiet operationCheck Price
Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier1 gallonSmall roomsQuiet operationCheck Price
Tepoinn 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier300mlVery small roomsQuiet operationCheck Price
PureGuardian 2.4L Output per Day Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier2.4LSmall areaQuiet operationCheck Price
Safety 1st 360 Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier2.5LSmall roomQuiet ultrasonic operationCheck Price

Features to look for when buying a cool mist humidifier for baby

Picking a cool mist unit with the right size, durable, efficient, and stylish may sound simple but actually it can be a challenge! There are a lot of competing products out there that making a decision seems a huge task. Here are some things to look for to help in you choose the right unit.

1.    Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance.

The best cool mist humidifier for baby should be easy to clean and maintain. Check for a model that can be cleaned on the inside and requires daily emptying and refilling of water tank. This ensures that the device does not cultivate the growth of bacteria.

2.    Effectiveness

Check for the output strength of the unit. This is the ability of the humidifier to raise and maintain humidity of a given space. It should be able to humidify the size of your baby’s room. The tank capacity must allow operating for extended hours, especially through the night. Large tanks are ideal for continuous operation and limit the need for extra work for refilling the tank. Pick a unit with mist output control so that you can estimate its duration and prevent wet floors.

3.    Noise

Always pick units that are very quiet. Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are among the most silent types that you can find.

4.    Ease of Use

You surely don’t want to expend long hours just setting up the humidifier. Choose units with controls that are easy to understand and operate.

5.    Features and design

Features are the extra perks that come with unit. These include LED lights, cleaning equipment, etc. As to the design, be sure to choose the one that will blend well with your nursery. Usually, humidifiers intended for baby rooms come with cute designs.

Now let’s take a look at which one is the best cool mist humidifier for baby that you might want to buy.

Top 7 Baby Humidifiers Reviewed

Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier

Aennon Cool Mist HumidifierThis is a practical choice for keeping your baby’s room humid. It may appear small but it can surely last throughout the night. The LED lights function is a great feature plus the colors are all beautiful that allows it to blend well with room. Cleaning and weekly maintenance was a breeze. While it is not necessary, you can use this humidifier to send off aromatic oils into the room air.

This humidifier provides clean and fresh air, moisturizes the skin and improves the quality of sleep, and prevents any allergies and asthma from developing. It creates a calming and comfortable atmosphere with its cosy integrated seven color LED night light. Users can set their favorite color or choose auto color flow.

It is ETL Safety approved for children. It has an automatic safety shut-off feature when the reservoir is empty. It has a capacity of 1.3 liters which gives the user six hours of uninterrupted use. It also works silently while you sleep, and is safe to use at any time. It does not overheat, so is safe to touch. Built-in aroma diffuser option. Just drop your favorite oil in the essential oil tray and enjoy the aroma diffusion while humidifying the air.

This humidifier works well in a bedroom, kid’s bedroom, living room, office, spa and massage rooms and hotel rooms.

Air Innovations 1.37 Gal. Cool Mist Digital Humidifier

Air Innovations 1.37 Gal. Cool Mist Digital HumidifierIf your baby has a large room, then this large cool mist humidifier is your best bet. It can maintain the humidity of a room with up to 400 square foot. It comes with purple color and surely fits your baby’s room. The built-in humidistat is surely helpful in ensuring air humidity levels. According to its manufacturer, this unit is made of specialized antimicrobial plastic material to avoid bacterial growth. Best of all, it guarantees silent operation for a good night’s sleep for your baby!

Permanent Ceramic Filter – Never Needs Replaced

Anti-Microbial Tank & Base – Freshen your space with pure, clean moisture

Runs Up To 96 Hours On One Tank

Designed to operate quietly for uninterrupted sleep

4 mist settings, Auto shut off, and more!

This humidifier has a 1.37 gallon tank that runs for 70 hours. It works silently and has an in-built programmable humidistat that oversees and maintains your preset humidity level. The entire unit is made of antimicrobial plastic so that mold, mildew and bacteria do not grow. Its permanent ceramic filter helps trap water impurities. Its 360 degree nozzle rotates to direct the moisture wherever wanted.

For easy filling and portability, it has a handle on the top of the unit and below. It also has a fully programmable switch on/off timer. When the tank empties, its auto safety shut off feature and audio beep come into play. This humidifier benefits infants and children; and for adults, it helps relieve dry eyes, moisturize the skin, give better sleep. It also rehydrates wooden furniture like cabinets, flooring, guitars and other related wooden items.

ASOM Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

ASOM Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierThe best cool mist humidifier for baby must ensure silent operation. ASOM Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier definitely fits the bill. This is very quiet and calm humidifier and aroma diffuser that is great not just for your baby but also for you. It comes with an adjustable 360-degree mist nozzle and vapor flow adjustment to ensure optimum humidification of your baby’s nursery. Plus, the 7-color LED option makes it very appealing for your young tots’ room!

This humidifier efficiently moisturizes the air for 14 hours. It shuts off automatically whenever the water level is low or the tank is removed. It gives off a long stream of mist that covers all parts of the room without leaving any mist on the floor. It is perfect for medium to large rooms, and is best used in homes, offices, bedrooms, spas, etc.

It works silently and comes with a good quality stone filter that keeps the unit clean and gives off a healthy spray. If water usually smells, this unit will get rid of that odour. It can work all night without the user having to refill it. It adjusts to the vapour flow using a control knob. It has a capacity of 2.8 liters. As an aroma diffuser, by adding your favorite essential oil and water, the air can be humidified well and you can experience a lovely fragrance.

Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – Elephant

Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierThis may not be the best in its class but it surely is a nice a pick for any nursery! The Crane Adorable Humidifier Elephant is designed especially for a child’s room. It has a fairly large tank that can hold a gallon and supports a full-night (11-hours) operation. The auto-shut-off functionality ensures safety. Because of its ultrasonic technology, you’re assured that your child’s sleep won’t be hampered.

Using the Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier can vastly increase the moisture in the air to facilitate easier breathing and a good night’s rest. It is very safe and healthy for you and your family as it gets rid of sinus problems, relieves cough, cold and flu, and nasal congestion. Also, people who get nose bleeds due to hot weather will no longer get them. It is also recommended for use as an option to cough and cold medication.

It is also effective in getting rid of mold and bacteria deposits in the house or office up to about 99.96%. It has a detachable tank with a capacity of one gallon that can easily be fitted below most bathroom sinks. It can provide moisture up to a maximum of 24 hours. It can get rid of problems associated with winter heating such as static electricity, cracks in the wood, shrinking wood, peeling wallpaper, cracks in paint, etc.

Tepoinn 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier

Tepoinn 300ml Cool Mist HumidifierIf you’re in search for a humidifier that you can take with your baby wherever she goes, then the Tepoinn 300ml Aromatherapy Cool Mist Humidifier should be your pick. It comes with some great features that ensure safety, efficiency and ease of use. Its 4-timer options guarantee that you get the best coverage for your baby’s nursery.

This unit is an aromatherapy diffuser, ultrasonic aroma humidifier, air purifier, ionizer and air freshener all rolled in one. It creates vibrations using electronic frequencies that disperse essential oils and water into fine spray without any heat used. It has a tank of 300ml capacity which can give about 10 hours’ of continuous spray without having to refill it.

It comes with seven interchangeable colors which can be set as bright or dim and it works silently. It has four timer options, does not use much energy and shuts off automatically. It has several benefits: It purifies the air, relieves one of stress and tension. It eliminates sinus, allergies, cough and cold symptoms and helps have better sleep. It helps one relax and improve concentration at the workplace and overall it improves the quality of indoor air. It can be used at home, office, spas, hotels, baby’s room and can also make a good gift.

PureGuardian 2.4L Output per Day Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

PureGuardian 2.4L Output per Day Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierThis unit is also among the best cool mist humidifiers for baby. It has 2.4 water tank which is just enough for a 10-hour operation. The surface is made of specialized material that prevents the growth of molds and mildew. It’s very quiet operation and cool mist output surely makes it the top pick for your baby’s bedroom humidification.

Overall, it improves the quality of health of the user, keeping him resistant to cold, allergy and dry skin. It works for 10 hours and provides an output of 2.4 litres per day from its 0.21 gallon water tank. It resists the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the water tank, using its patented Silver Clean technology. The spray can be controlled and its optional night light features make it ideal for use in your baby’s nursery or even your bedroom. Its size permits it to be placed on the dresser, desk or nightstand.

There’s an indicator light that tells the user when to refill the tank. It shuts off automatically when empty.

Safety 1st 360 Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Safety 1st 360 Cool Mist Ultrasonic HumidifierThis no-frills humidifier unit looks chic and modern. It’s clear blue plastic appears like a drop of water. It comes with two mist outlets that are capable of 360-degree rotation to ensure coverage of entire room. The filter free tank is large enough to last for a 24-hour operation and is also very easy to clean and maintain. And since it is equipped with ultrasonic technology, you are guaranteed of very quiet operations – your baby will surely sleep soundly!

It adds to the health of your family by adding moisture to the air and raising the quality of indoor humidity. This helps get rid of dry skin, itchy eyes and cold. When set up in a baby’s room, this humidifier keeps the infant well moisturized. This unit has controls that can be adjusted for mist control. It can provide a maximum of 24 hours cool and soothing mist with fragrance.

It has two outlets of fully rotating mist, which can go all over the room and moisturize the air. It operates in silence and does not need filters. It has an automatic shut off feature and lights up to indicate to you that the tank needs to be refilled. It is easy to clean. The user will never be bothered by bright lights when using this unit. Its size is right, so it can be placed anywhere and the user can get the full benefit of it.


Now it’s up to you to choose the best cool mist humidifier for your baby and which one deserves a space in your baby’s nursery! But whichever you end up with, for sure, it’ll give your baby a good night’s rest.

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