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5 Best Ionic Air Purifiers

What is an ionic air purifier and how does it work? An ionizer or ionic air purifier is a device that uses high voltage to electrically charge molecules in the air. In the air, there are negative ions (anions) that give a negative charge ...Read More

Coway ap-1512hh Review

Suffering from asthma, allergic reactions or some other respiratory problems? Adding an air purifier right inside your living space might be all that you need. Air purifiers have been helping people suffering from these chronic conditions. Good thing, there are a lot of air ...Read More

What is HEPA Filter? An Overview

Contrary to what many people think, air pollution isn’t something that happens outside our homes. A lot of us are misinformed, believing that being indoors protects you from air pollution. But the truth is that even inside the confines of your house or workplace, ...Read More