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Top 10 Most Polluted Cities On Earth

Rapid industrialization that swept most parts of Asia in the past few years has helped the economy tremendously. However, this booming industrialization has done a lot of harm to the environment and public health. Here’s a rundown on the top 10 most polluted cities ...Read More

10 Major Sources of Air Pollution

Air pollution, according to the World Health Organization, is the changing of natural traits of the atmosphere, caused due to biological and chemical pollutants. Air pollution is reputed to be a major health risk, particularly since it causes heart problems, respiratory conditions and cancer. ...Read More

How To Stop Condensation On Windows In Winter

One of the top problems of homeowners and motorists during winter is the condensation on windows. At home, moisture comes from many different sources such as houseplants, cooking, and showers. Inside the car, every breath you exhale sends moisture into the air. Emissions from ...Read More

Cleaning Tips for a Sparky Clean Home

The cleanliness of a house represents the kind of people that dwell in it. Aside from that, your house also symbolizes what others perceive you to be. Not only does a clean home show your personality, but it also gives you the satisfaction of ...Read More

10 Diseases Caused by Air Pollution

There are numerous diseases caused by air pollution, a fact corroborated by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). Research points to the fact that long-term exposure to pollutants in the air increases one’s risk for respiratory diseases, among others. The NIEHS found ...Read More