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We are solution providers to common problems of breathing clean air. We can explain the need for this, the way you can get it through our solutions and devices and the long-term benefits you can reap by using our products. You can and should check these out with your doctor before using them. Our products are not intended to treat or prevent any respiratory disease you might suffer from, something only your doctor can do.

We are a commercial site selling devices that can give you pure and clean air at home. Any information on this site should not be taken as medical advice.

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We are sellers of indoor air purification systems. This website does not purport to offer medical advice, doctors’ advice, diagnoses by doctors, treatments or other allied professional services by an individual or group. The information seen on this website or through links to other sites, should therefore, not be taken for medical advice and should not be substituted for doctor’s advice or medical care. It should also not be substituted for a visit to the doctor, call consultation or physician or healthcare provider’s advice. is not responsible for advice, diagnosis, treatment, range of services or products obtained on this site.


If you have questions, doubts or health problems, speak to your physician or healthcare provider about it. If you seek medical advice, don’t disregard what you hear or delay in seeking it all because you read something adverse about it on this site or on a linked site.

Instead of getting the best medical advice for your problems, rely more on your doctor rather than on information you read on this website. Speak to your physician or healthcare provider to help you understand the information you read on this website or elsewhere on the Net. You can also avail of his help to apply it to your specific case. If you choose to rely on the information provided on this website, you do it at your own risk.

Content Disclaimer

The content you read on this website is aimed at providing information and help for your specific problems relating to clean and purified air. Do not assume that the information you get here is medical advice or an opinion given by an expert because the information you get here is neither guaranteed to be complete nor accurate, so it is not wise to rely on it to make a health or medical decision.

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